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Modern design, more information

Modern design, improved user guidance and suitability for mobile devices: The Paul Rüster & Co. website has a new look.

Many wishes were associated with the project for a new website: Simpler, clearer, more intuitive – these were the requirements for the new website to make it easier for you to find the best solution. You now have the opportunity to discover the extensive product portfolio of Paul Rüster & Co. on our website.

Our certificates, product catalogs and digitized order lists can be found in the various categories on the site.

Discover our new variety, we look forward to your feedback!

Unsere neue Website

The result

With the help of an authorized go-digital consultant, Paul Rüster & Co. was able to set up a new website and thus digitize its sales. The aim of the consultation was to support our company in setting up and implementing a website that is both easy to find on the Internet and that clearly presents all information from our product portfolio to our customers and those who would like to become one.

In the first step, as part of an analysis and an implementation concept, it was checked what content should be displayed on the new website and how the complex products could be explained to visitors. The analysis provided a good overview and helped to choose the right platform and prepare the existing content for the Internet.

Building on this, the implementation began: The design of the site was created and then transferred to the selected CMS. This is future-proof and has already been configured so that other languages ​​can be added in the future. In the context of IT security, the topic of data protection was also taken up and implemented in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Funded by the go-digital funding program

With the help of the go-digital funding program from the BMWi, we were able to expand our business area accordingly.

Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH now has the opportunity to reach new customers and to inform our existing customers about our solutions on a comprehensive website. The procurement of information is thus significantly reduced, since the information is now available in digitized form and the request for solutions has also been simplified using the request forms.

Gregor Nowak, Managing Director of the company:

The involvement of an independent consultant in a digital project makes sense in any case. The project was complex and the amount of work on our part was extensive.

We can only recommend this step to other companies in order to be able to make greater use of the advantages of digitization and to make the disadvantages manageable. It just makes sense to use the support of the BMWi for this!

Our customers benefit from digitized information procurement. Strengthened by the positive developments, we want to concentrate even more intensively on digitization in the future in order to be able to consolidate and further develop it in the long term.

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