Calibration service

Hand dreht einen Knopf an einem Messwerkzeug in einem Elektrolabor

In order to meet the high quality and design requirements of today’s industry, we operate our own calibration laboratory.

A contemporary development, the manufacture of our products and a high demand on quality is not possible without our own laboratory.

This guarantees the consistently high quality of our products and production processes. Our trained specialist staff will be happy to advise you and will find the calibration solution specially tailored to your application.

Due to the traceability of all our reference standards to the requirements of the German accreditation body (DAkkS), we are able to carry out and document the calibration of your measuring devices in such a way that they meet the obligation to provide evidence of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Do you have any questions on this topic or a specific request? Feel free to contact us by phone or via our contact form. You can find both on our contact page.

Initial calibration & Metrological certificate (Russia)

In many industrial and economic sectors within the Russian Federation, metrological certification of measuring equipment and measuring devices is required. This certification process checks whether the measuring equipment submitted for testing meets the minimum requirements of the applicable technical regulation. If the certification process has been successfully completed, a corresponding certificate will be issued.

Zertifikat wird gestempelt

Law No. 102-ФЗ of 2008 “On Ensuring the Unity of Measurements” prescribes that measuring devices used by enterprises subject to state supervision must be tested, approved and entered into the State Register of Measuring Devices.

This can affect the following areas:

Public facilities
occupational safety and healthcare
Medical facilities and veterinary medicine
heavy industry

We would be happy to support you with the issue of initial calibration and the metrological certificate for the Russian Federation. We would be happy to check whether your products are subject to the approval requirement. Contact us by phone or via our contact form. You can find both on our contact page. You can find both on our contact page..

On-site calibration

Do you need your measuring devices every day in production, the laboratory or other important areas of the company? Then you may not be able to do without your measuring equipment and devices, otherwise part of your value chain will come to a standstill.

In this case, we offer you our on-site service and come directly to you in the company. This guarantees only minimal downtime and therefore maximum availability of your test equipment.

Your advantages:

  • Calibration suburb
  • Exact coordination of time and place
  • Low downtime
  • Express service and weekend calibration (on request)
  • Germany-wide service (on request)

We would be happy to check and calibrate your test equipment and measuring equipment on site. Our technicians and engineers will convince you of their professional competence. We would be happy to make you an individual offer and check the timing. Contact us by phone or via our contact form. You can find both on our contact page.

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