Resistance thermometer

Building technology

In air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation technology, we offer you application-oriented sensor specifications specially designed for building automation. Our sensors are characterized by long-term reliability and easy installation.

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Railway technology

There are a wide variety of train variants worldwide, which are specified by regional environmental requirements and various national or international legal requirements. In connection with this, it is understandable that there is not one standard temperature sensor for all requirement profiles.

The following points characterize the sensor individually tailored to the vehicle with regard to:

ICE und Regiozug der deutschen Bahn
  • Legal Requirements
  • Long life expectancy including high mileage
  • Vibration and shock resistance according to DIN 61373
  • Fire protection requirements according to DIN EN 45545-2
  • Redundancy in data acquisition
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Fast response behavior of the sensors
  • Mechanically simple and safe interchangeable construction

Explosion protection

Increased design requirements for gas or dust explosion hazardous areas represent a high level of responsibility for the installer and operator of these systems!

Only temperature sensors approved by accredited test centers meet the high requirements of DIN EN 60079-0! Find the right sensor from our extensive European and international approvals (ATEX / IECEx & EAC Ex). We would be happy to support you with this.


Only sensors approved for this purpose may be used in technical plant areas of ships. The combination of ATEX approval and DNV-GL approval of our systems Ex-BR / Ex-Bi / Ex-KF & Ex-WI offers a wide range of applications in numerous technical areas of the ship.

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