Recertification of Silicon Radar GmbH by Mario Michel

Since 2017, Silicon Radar GmbH has been subject to an annual audit of the process-oriented quality management system according to the regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11.

In January 2023, the recertification of the management system for the 3-year cycle was carried out. As a result of the audit, which lasted several days, we received the certificate of conformity to the standard without any deviations. The audit was carried out by Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Mario Michel on behalf of DQS. DQS is one of the leading providers for the certification of management systems with the claim to set new standards in reliability, quality and customer orientation at any time. (

During the audit Mr. Mario Michel uses practical experience of his company (Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH), which manufactures sensor solutions in the field of measurement and control technology in worldwide applications of railroad technology, industrial technology and explosion protection.

As a ‘pure-play’ automotive semiconductor company and one of the industry’s fastest-growing Autotech innovators, indie is solely dedicated to developing advanced silicon-based solutions for new and emerging vehicle designs.

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